Songwriting & Creativity/Life Mentoring

Nancy-2015What if you knew you could completely trust yourself to create the life you have always dreamed of? Along with working as a full time singer/songwriter, Nancy Beaudette is a Certified Life and Creativity Coach, and has been mentoring groups and individuals for over twenty years. She can help you find and focus your ideas, and help you map out a plan towards achieving your most aspiring goals.

For over thirty years, and eight CD’s, Nancy Beaudette has been navigating the music industry as an independent singer songwriter, touring artist, producer & talk show host. She is an award winning songwriter, including a CGMA (Canadian Gospel Music Award) for Song of the Year and nomination for Album of the year. She produced and hosted “Studio-X-pose”, a Canadian television show featuring songwriters and visual artists, which received the Cogeco Star Award for Best Entertainment Show. Nancy is also an international award winning sign maker! The artistry that brought success to her company, Sign It Signs and Design, imbues every aspect of her singing, songwriting and recording.

Nancy has numerous songwriting accolades, independent cuts, and actively tours and teaches throughout North America and beyond. (see accolades here)

           “A very compassionate and intuitive teacher who seems to understand the issues we tackle from             the inside out.” – Betsi Mandrioli 

           “Inspiring and energizing learning experience.” – Licia Sky

           “I love the way she is able to draw the best performances out of me every time.” – Sean Harley

           “Her approach to coaching is encouraging and supportive.” – Cecilia Dahl

Sessions are held on Skype, Facetime or Zoom.

To schedule a session, select one of the options below.


Private Music Lessons

Private music lessons are for anyone, not just musicians already bound for a career in music. We offer lessons to children, teens and adults from beginner to advanced levels.

Piano (beginner only)
Fiddle (beginner only)

Everyone learns music at their own pace with exceptional guidance from a kind, compassionate teacher. Private music lessons build confidence, encourage discipline and provide means for self expression.

Lessons are 30 minutes, weekly or bi-weekly.

Contact Nancy today for details: nancybeaudette @ (remove spaces before and after the “@” symbol)


Virtual DAW – Digital Audio Workstation Training

Want to learn how to set up a home studio and record your own music? One on one virtual training will make the process so much easier than following online tutorials. 


Specializing in:

  • Presonus StudioOne
  • Garageband
  • Logic
  • ProTools

Lessons are 30 minutes, weekly or bi-weekly on Zoom or Skype.

Learn at your own pace with exceptional guidance from a kind, compassionate teacher. Private training will help you reach your goals faster and with more ease, all while having exceptional guidance along the way.

Contact Nancy today for details: nancybeaudette @ (remove spaces before and after the “@” symbol)


Songwriting Coaching

songwriting coachA Songwriting Coach, or ‘Mentor’, will carefully and critically listen to all aspects of your song, offer comments and guidance for improvement, and help you gain insight as a writer.

Nancy will tailor each session to your specific needs and can address issues like writer’s block, song structure, and rhyme schemes, and also melody, chord structure and melodic variations.

Perhaps most poignant is Nancy’s ability to help you dig into the emotional content of your song and help you ‘get to the heart’ of the lyric you’re writing.

Most importantly, you will have the opportunity to present your songs and ideas to a professional songwriter in a safe, yet challenging environment. Hiring a Certified Creativity/Songwriting Coach is a vital step for improving your craft!

How will these sessions help you?

  • Get valuable feedback on your songs
  • Discover new methods of songwriting
  • Learn to take emotional risks in your writing
  • Tap into your life experiences for fresh song ideas
  • Enhance song melodies and lyrics
  • Explore song dynamics, and much more!
Select Songwriting Coaching One Hour Session $95.00

Envisioning The Life You Want 

Nancy Beaudette Envisioning“Look closely at the present you are constructing. It should look like the future you are dreaming” Alice Walker

You can’t force dreams to happen, but you can take steps towards actualizing them. In these sessions, Nancy will guide you through a visualization process that will propel you towards living your life’s purpose. She will help you create a plan that will take you to the next level. Each step we take has value, even if there are set backs and challenges. Hold onto what you want to see happen in your life and watch it come to fruition.

How will these sessions help you?

  • Clarify what is important to YOU – your life’s purpose!
  • Find balance in your busy schedule
  • Empower you to envision the life you want
  • Create a road map to accomplish what matters most – an ACTION PLAN!
  • Make short-term goals that will become essential milestones
  • Accountability to stay on track
  • Sensitive guidance every step of the way!
“Make It Happen” – 3 one hour sessions $255.00 (recommended)

 “Let’s Get Started” – One hour session $95.00


Chris HatchHave you been struggling to attract fans? Is your live show all that it could be? Let Chris Hatch help you step up your game. Every artist’s goal should be to engage the audience in a meaningful way, creating memorable moments that will make fans for life!

Developing your stagecraft is essential to the success of every artist. Chris’s years of involvement in the event business, and her keen sense of what works and what doesn’t work on stage will help you bridge the gap between performer and audience.

  • Assess your live performance
  • Develop stage flow
  • Learn how to deliver a powerful message
  • Creating space in your set
  • Transitions and Moments
“Stagecraft”- One hour session $95.00
Book your session with Chris today