Concert Review for Nancy Beaudette & The Kelly Girls

April 10, 2017

Well, where do I begin? A friend and I were the winners of 2 tickets to go spend a wonderful evening, starting with original songs by Nancy Beaudette, whose lyrics and guitar playing always move me. She sets the tone, with her friendly, smiling, welcoming stage presence, making the audience feel comfortable, relaxed, at home. Then enter the rest of the Entourage, equally at ease, friendly and fun. These gals can play, with tremendous virtuosity, humor, and skill. They manage to breeze thru tongue twisting sea shanties, ballads, and rousing drinking songs with ease, and never fail to lift your spirits, with brilliant harmonies. Chris Hatch especially showed her skills; it seemed she picked up a different instrument for each song, be it banjo, bodhran, guitar, harmonica, you name it, she can play it! These women are quite genuine with their Celtic/Irish/Scottish ditties, and equally adept at every other genre they take up. I was especially moved by the song, “Will You Go, Lassie, Go?”. Reminiscent of expert groups of the ’70’s, like The Shaw Brothers, Clancy Brothers, and what fun that this is an all-gal group. I look forward to their upcoming CD and hope there will be an opportunity for advanced sales. Thanks so much, Darlin’s, for a delightfully enjoyable evening! MORE MORE! Encore!

Deena Clevenson

Concert Review: Nancy Beaudette & The Kelly Girls in Framingham, Massachusetts

May 01, 2016

TKGsAT2016Jon Pappalardo was in the audience at our recent show and wrote a wonderful review of our performance. It’s so nice to hear praise and kind words for our efforts. Thanks Jon!

“I’ve been a fan of Beaudette’s music for a few years now but I’d yet to see her live until this April 23 concert. I had a feeling the show would be special; her latest album South Branch Road is exquisite, but I didn’t know how far it would exceed my expectations.”

“The cultural immersion kicked into high gear when The Kelly Girls took the stage in the second half. The four-piece Celtic band, of which Beaudette is a part along with Christine Hatch, Aisling Keating and Theresa Gerene, performed songs that traversed centuries, generations and even ancestry.

Their set was richly layered with historical significance and a captivating approachability. They opened strong, with their tight harmonies giving way to infectious fiddle-drenched instrumentation.”

“I came away having witnessed a unique bond between friends making music simply out of passion for the art. The Kelly Girls, the epitome of a tightly in synch ensemble, left me in the best possible place – wanting more and more. If you ever get a chance to see them live, hopefully accompanied with a Beaudette solo set, I’m sure you’ll come away feeling exactly as I did that evening. Make it a point to seek out a performance; I know for sure you won’t regret it.”

Read the entire review here.

“I can’t even remember the last time I enjoyed an album this much. It’s beyond extraordinary”

June 25, 2015

Jonathan PappalardoA virtue of the independent music scene is the joy in discovering artists for which the act of creating music is a deeply personal art. Nancy Beaudette, who hails from Cornwall, Ontario, but has made a name for herself in Central Massachusetts, is one such singer-songwriter. With South Branch Road, her eighth release, Beaudette’s homespun tales are the most fully realized of her nearly three-decade career.

The gorgeous title track, where the gentle strums of an acoustic guitar frame Beaudette’s elegant ode to her childhood, is a perfect example:

“I fell in love with tar and stone, And a county lined with maple and oak, In sixty-one with three kids in tow, Mom and dad bought a place there and made it home, I spent my summers on a steel blue bike, Weaving shoulder to shoulder like wind in a kite, Dreaming big and reaching high, Riding further and further out on my own”

The image of a girl and her bike surfaces again on “Ride On,” a wispy Read more

Four Star Review For Nancy’s Christmas CD!

JonathanFa La La   

* * * *

Amidst the flurry of standards heard each December, it’s always a treat when an artist gifts us with a collection of original tunes celebrating the holidays.  Singer-Songwriter Nancy Beaudette, who hails from Cornwall, Ontario but also plays regularly in Massachusetts, has done just that with her self-penned Fa La La.

Beaudette brings her homespun charm to this nine-song collection weaving her folk, country, and singer-songwriter sensibilities around these tales, which are both personal and festive, and work beautifully with her smoky voice. It’s unlikely you’ll hear a more intimate set of holiday tunes released this year.

The album opens with the effervescent title track, where the gentle strum of an acoustic guitar pairs beautifully with vibrant ribbons of mandolin. “Fa La La” is an infectious sing-along accented with everyone’s favorite traditions – getting a tree, hangingstockings, baking cookies, wrapping gifts, wishing for snow, etc. “Most of All Baby (I Want You)” follows Read more

Great Album Review for Shanna Jackman!

September 27, 2013

Shanna CD coverThe first thing that struck me when I was listening to Central Massachusetts native and 2010 Cat Country 98.1 WCTK Country Idol Shanna Jackman’s eponymous debut EP was her affection for Martina McBride, a point driven home as much by her vocal delivery as the sonic direction of her music. I was transported back to the Martina era, and the guitar work from “This One’s For The Girls.”

Jackman, formally of the band Not In Kansas and 2011 New England Country Music Organization Most Promising Vocalist and Entertainer of the Year (she also won the NECMO Horizon Award this year), is a….read more:

‘Fa La La’ One of TOP CD’s Played on Folk Radio

January 27th, 2013

FOLKDJ-L is an electronic discussion group for DJs and other people interested in all folk-based music (bluegrass, old-time, traditional balladry, traditional international music, singer-songwriters, etc.) on the radio. With over nine hundred subscribers from all corners of the earth, they are a lively bunch with a unique perspective on folk music.

Based on playlists posted to folkdj-l, Richard Gillmann of KBCS compiles monthly top-70 album airplay lists. Nancy Beaudette’s Holiday CD “Fa La La” was among the top 70 Cd’s played in December 2012.

Top Folk Albums

Fa La La ‘Loaded With Goodies’ – Bill Copeland CD Review

“Nancy Beaudette calls her Christmas CD Fa La La and the warm rhythm everybody associates with that refrain sums up the entire album. Beaudette has loaded this CD like a Christmas stocking with all sorts of embraceable goodies.”

“Solo acoustic number “In Our Home” has as much homey feeling as it does talent. Beaudette creates plenty of texture with just the two instruments. She caresses her vocal notes and presses her guitar notes into something that makes you feel what she felt during the holidays in her childhood home. Many listeners will likely relate to this one.”

“Beaudette offers a lot of holiday sentiment in this release Fa La La. She explores the holiday in all of its various implications, from the birth of a special child to a person who is alone for the holidays after a broken relationship. Beaudette’s voice, guitar, songwriting and her support players are all in top form here. This CD should make an excellent stocking stuffer but it is also a whole lot more.”

Bill Copeland is a music journalist with over 20 years experience writing about the music industry. Bill writes articles and reviews about bands, singers, songwriters, and soloists. is a for-profit on-line music magazine.

Read the entire review here.

Featured Artist of the Month on

Women of Substance Radio is a streaming, online radio station which airs 24/7 on the Live365 Network and iTunes Radio. Women Of Substance Internet Radio features label artists and Indie artists in all genres side by side, and throughout the month of December, 2012, they will be featuring Nancy Beaudette’s new CD, “Fa La La”. Click here to listen and for your chance to WIN a copy of FA LA LA!

Feedback from Fans Says It All!

November 28, 2012

We’ve been keeping Nancy busy touring this fall, but the big news is the release of her Holiday CD, “Fa La La”. Reviews from listeners make it clear this CD is a winner! Here’s what fans are saying:

“It’s joyful, sensitive, paints the holidays in lots of colors, and provides empathy in the songs of loss. In Our Home made me tear up, but not in a sad way.  So much like my nuclear family’s Christmas. The Babe of Bethlehem is a contemporary way to share the Christ birth.  Gold and Myrrh has a spiritual side that isn’t just the Christ story.  And My Silvertone Guitar is a country feel with the excitement of opening a new package (your new songs). It’s got it all. The harmony is wonderful and perfect.  Really liked the keyboard work as well.  I’m going to give these away to some friends I know will enjoy them.  Great job!  Hope it’s VERY SUCCESSFUL for you!”  – Deb O”Hanlon


“Can’t stop listening to the new CD. Love it! I have been singing along! They are such fantastic songs for the season!” – Haley M.
“Your Christmas CD is AWESOME..I’ve listened to it 3 times in a row..I love it.  You have blended many different musical styles and holiday emotions into one big MERRY CHRISTMAS!!  You have a real winner here, Fa la la..what a great song, the melody is fresh and unique..and look out John Lennon, the kids are great in this.  Then Silence tonight, a wonderful version of a true story, it’s like an updated Silent Night. ” In our Home”  I just want to be your sister and have Christmas with your family!    “Most of all Baby” nice, cause it’s really all about true, very fun!  You put the ring in everyone’s bell!  “Gold and Myrrh” this is just a stunning one, very spiritual, the chorus hits me like that Leo K. song Hallelujah..really moving.  I think I’ll buy a Christmas Tree,  made me a little sad, but it’s a good message, stellar lyrics and people need to hear about strength.  Silvertone Guitar, a nice country number, I’m sure it’s popular in Nashville..the perfect style for the lyrics and story..Merry Christmas to me..another character building story..and “The Babe of Bethlehem“..well after our journey we end up singing a beautiful hymn at Church.” – Elizabeth Mandrioli 
“It’s one of the sweetest Christmas albums I’ve yet heard (and I’ve got a lot of them!). Fa La La by Nancy Beaudette will put you in the Christmas spirit faster’n you can say Jingle Bells. What a lovely, sweet, heartfelt expression of Christmas. I recommend you buy one from Nancy now to have it for the entire 2013 Christmas season.” – Jon McAuliffe 
“It’s a constant in our car’s CD player right now. I might have to keep listening to it all winter.” – K. Vennard  
“The CDs arrived today. I am listening to Fa La La for the third time already. I absolutely love it, Nancy. You can be so proud of it! Wonderful music and lyrics; creates memories that bring tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing your gift! What a warm treat for a cold day in Wisconsin”. – Marilyn Krump
To hear more about Nancy’s travels click here to see her latest newsletter.

To order your copy of “Fa La La” shop at on Nancy’s website today!



“Fa La La” on Top 10 Radio List

November 15, 2012

Nancy Beaudette’s new Holiday CD, “Fa La La” had a very strong showing on Airplay Direct in it’s inaugural offering to the airwaves. AirPlay Direct is a digital delivery system developed for artists, radio programmers & music industry professionals and sends secure broadcast-quality music & digital press kits to radio stations, booking agents, promoters and music supervisors worldwide. “Being on a top ten list any time feels really great” says Nancy, “and I’m thrilled that my songs are being played on such great stations.”