Mid-Atlantic Song Contest Finalists

Moonlit Pond Artist, Jan Blaising, has been recognized for TWO of her songs in the prestigious 38th Mid-Atlantic Song Contest. The competition is one of the largest and most distinguished in the country with multiple categories and thousands of entries from around the world. “Cradled by the Moon” and “Mountaintops and Oceans” have been recognized for excellence in songwriting. Both songs were co-written by Jan Blaising and Nancy Beaudette, and included on Jan’s EP, “Faith, Hope and Love,” which was released last fall and available for purchase on Jan’s website, and on itunes and spotify

Congratulations, Jan, on this tremendous honour!



Jan Blaising – CD Release

Moonlit Pond Records is pleased to announce the release of “Faith, Hope and Love!” Artist and songwriter, Jan Blaising, poured her heart and soul into the making of this project, and we are so proud to support this recording.

Jan Blaising grew up skipping rocks in Indiana – a preacher’s daughter with a rebel’s heart. Her first songs were red Crayola scratch marks on her blue notebook of staff paper so Jan could remember her songs. Though Jan has had her share of reasons to stop believing, this rebel heart has finally come home to her faith in God, in her debut EP/(album), Faith, Hope and Love.

Jan offers warm, lovely, uplifting anthems for the spirit, with bold melodies, inspiring Choruses and memorable “hooks,” and provides listeners with thought-provoking lyrics that linger in their hearts, minds, and souls long after they are heard. Jan’s music has the feel of a great American landscape, with words spoken to the depths of the American soul.

“Such a beautiful song ~ like a fresh mountain stream ~ and your voice and the production are impeccable!”
~ Beth Nielsen Chapman

“Faith, Hope and Love” is already being played on radio stations around the US and Canada, and has received so many wonderful comments from listeners:

“Terrific music and lyrics, sung by an excellent voice, with superb artwork as visuals! Wow!!!”

“Such a wonderful song of hope and God’s love. I truly know the promises from Him are fulfilled. You have a beautiful voice too.”

“Beautiful– touching warm tears again, Jan– I am so elated for this gift that you have given to us–a strong meaning– purpose –and reason that we can live –learn and grow from–embedded in our hearts and souls forever. Thank you!”

We invite you to listen to Jan’s music and support this project by purchasing a download or physical CD at www.janblaising.com

Jan Blaising – New Video Release

Moonlit Pond Records is pleased to announce the video release, “Cradled by the Moon,” written by Jan Blaising and Nancy Beaudette, performed by Jan Blaising.

“When the hardest part is only just beginning … I know I’m cradled by the light of the moon.” These words that ring true for me during life’s challenging times. In my darkest hours, I know I’m held by a loving God who shines light every hour of the day or night,” says Jan. 

We sincerely hope this song brightens your day and helps you overcome your struggles.

“Mountaintops and Oceans” Video and Single Release

Moonlit Pond Records is pleased to announce the release of “Mountaintops and Oceans” by Jan Blaising Music. 

Jan’s new single, “Mountaintops and Oceans,” is a song Jan wrote to honor her Mom. The song tells the story of a woman who overcame significant obstacles in her early life through love and faith. It describes the ways Jan’s Mom brought gifts of grace and grandeur from her early home in Washington state to the Indiana plains, where she met and married a minister and raised a family. “Mountaintops and Oceans” is a timely song to honor mothers everywhere.

“Such a beautiful song ~ like a fresh mountain stream ~ and your voice and the production are impeccable!”
~ Beth Nielsen Chapman (bncmasterclasses.com)

Co-written with Nancy Beaudette. Video produced by Moonlit Pond Records.

Jan Blaising – New Lyric Video Release Coming!

When Beth Nielsen Chapman said Jan’s song are “like a fresh mountain stream” she must have just listened to, “Mountaintops and Oceans,” Jan’s award-winning song! With much anticipation, Moonlit Pond Records is pleased to announce the lyric video release to this fabulous song. Stay tuned on social media and Jan Blaising Music for the May 1st premier!

Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park

Jan Blaising – Video Release

We are pleased to share the release of MPR Artist, Jan Blaising‘s, lyric video release for the song, “It Wasn’t a Silent Night After All.”  

Jan says, “The idea of the song is that when God chose to enter the world and become human, God didn’t choose perfect circumstances – so the song tries to capture the difficulty and the hardship of that holy night – because if God didn’t choose perfect circumstances when God came to earth, then that means God can enter into our imperfect circumstances too.”

Together with co-writer, Nancy Beaudette, the two crafted the idea into a song that retells the Christmas Story from a different vantage point. We hope you enjoy this fresh take on well known theme.


Jan Blaising Single Release

MPR Artist & Songwriter, Jan Blaising, joined MPR’s roster this year with her recording, “Faith, Hope, and Love”. The collection takes the listener on a journey of life – reflecting on experiences everyone has in common – faith, even when it’s easier to doubt, hope, even if it seems bleak, and love, unyielding, precious, and redeeming. 

Jan, along with Nancy Beaudette, have been writing together for the past few years even though they live miles apart. “It’s amazing how easy it is to work together on facetime or skype”, say Nancy, “and after a couple of sessions it feels like we’re in the same room!” 

At the recommendation of Connie Mims, a long time collaborator of Nancy’s, Rosewood Studio in Tyler, Texas became home for a few days as this team of creative women came together to produce, “Faith, Hope, and Love”. 

MPR’s is excited to announce the release of, “It Wasn’t a Silent Night After All” just in time for Christmas. It has been released to radio internationally and you can stream it live on Jan Blaising’s Website now.

The six song EP will be released early in 2021. 


Great American Song Contest Finalists

New Moonlit Pond Records Artist – Jan Blaising – has been writing with Nancy Beaudette for a couple of years now.  Currently, Nancy (along with collegue Connie Mims) is co-producing her first CD. “It’s a real joy to watch Jan blossom as a songwriter and even a bigger thrill to have seen her reaction when I told her she won a songwriting award!” 

Last spring they wrote an incredible song together about Jan’s mother, a woman who grew up on the west coast and then moved to the central plains to take up residence as a minister’s wife.

Nancy secretly entered “Mountains Tops and Oceans” in the Christian/Inspirational category of the Great American Song Contest last fall, and March 31, 2020, it was named 2nd Place Finalist. 

The CD, which will be called, “Faith, Hope and Love”, will be released in the coming months. Moonlit Pond Records is really excited for you to hear all of the songs included on this project. We will keep you posted.