Feedback from Fans Says It All!

November 28, 2012

We’ve been keeping Nancy busy touring this fall, but the big news is the release of her Holiday CD, “Fa La La”. Reviews from listeners make it clear this CD is a winner! Here’s what fans are saying:

“It’s joyful, sensitive, paints the holidays in lots of colors, and provides empathy in the songs of loss. In Our Home made me tear up, but not in a sad way.  So much like my nuclear family’s Christmas. The Babe of Bethlehem is a contemporary way to share the Christ birth.  Gold and Myrrh has a spiritual side that isn’t just the Christ story.  And My Silvertone Guitar is a country feel with the excitement of opening a new package (your new songs). It’s got it all. The harmony is wonderful and perfect.  Really liked the keyboard work as well.  I’m going to give these away to some friends I know will enjoy them.  Great job!  Hope it’s VERY SUCCESSFUL for you!”  – Deb O”Hanlon


“Can’t stop listening to the new CD. Love it! I have been singing along! They are such fantastic songs for the season!” – Haley M.
“Your Christmas CD is AWESOME..I’ve listened to it 3 times in a row..I love it.  You have blended many different musical styles and holiday emotions into one big MERRY CHRISTMAS!!  You have a real winner here, Fa la la..what a great song, the melody is fresh and unique..and look out John Lennon, the kids are great in this.  Then Silence tonight, a wonderful version of a true story, it’s like an updated Silent Night. ” In our Home”  I just want to be your sister and have Christmas with your family!    “Most of all Baby” nice, cause it’s really all about true, very fun!  You put the ring in everyone’s bell!  “Gold and Myrrh” this is just a stunning one, very spiritual, the chorus hits me like that Leo K. song Hallelujah..really moving.  I think I’ll buy a Christmas Tree,  made me a little sad, but it’s a good message, stellar lyrics and people need to hear about strength.  Silvertone Guitar, a nice country number, I’m sure it’s popular in Nashville..the perfect style for the lyrics and story..Merry Christmas to me..another character building story..and “The Babe of Bethlehem“..well after our journey we end up singing a beautiful hymn at Church.” – Elizabeth Mandrioli 
“It’s one of the sweetest Christmas albums I’ve yet heard (and I’ve got a lot of them!). Fa La La by Nancy Beaudette will put you in the Christmas spirit faster’n you can say Jingle Bells. What a lovely, sweet, heartfelt expression of Christmas. I recommend you buy one from Nancy now to have it for the entire 2013 Christmas season.” – Jon McAuliffe 
“It’s a constant in our car’s CD player right now. I might have to keep listening to it all winter.” – K. Vennard  
“The CDs arrived today. I am listening to Fa La La for the third time already. I absolutely love it, Nancy. You can be so proud of it! Wonderful music and lyrics; creates memories that bring tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing your gift! What a warm treat for a cold day in Wisconsin”. – Marilyn Krump
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To order your copy of “Fa La La” shop at on Nancy’s website today!



“Fa La La” on Top 10 Radio List

November 15, 2012

Nancy Beaudette’s new Holiday CD, “Fa La La” had a very strong showing on Airplay Direct in it’s inaugural offering to the airwaves. AirPlay Direct is a digital delivery system developed for artists, radio programmers & music industry professionals and sends secure broadcast-quality music & digital press kits to radio stations, booking agents, promoters and music supervisors worldwide. “Being on a top ten list any time feels really great” says Nancy, “and I’m thrilled that my songs are being played on such great stations.”